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WEBINAR 3 2 21 with Josef Steiner   Building Resilience through Mindful cold water exposure

WEBINAR 3 2 21 with Josef Steiner Building Resilience through Mindful cold water exposure

Register here : This months first Webinar will focus on Building resilience through Mindfulness, cold water exposure and breath. Even if you cannot attend at this time, register and we will send you a recording. So many people have discovered the amazing benefits of cold water exposure, I will cover how breath can help you adapt more quickly to the cold water. Coldwater practice can lead you towards better health, reduce your stress levels, facilitate healing processes, elevate your mental state, shift you into a state of peak performance and deepen your sense of connection with other human beings and with nature. I will be discussing my fourth focused 8 day breath coaching program on how to build resilience through mindfulness, cold water exposure and breath. This program will begin on February 7th. It will offer amazing skills utilizing breath, mindfulness skills and cold water practice. And all this is mediated with a few very simple techniques that have been known and practiced for thousands of years in indigenous, eastern and indian traditions. Now science has revealed the physiological mechanisms behind those methods and I am really excited to share this knowledge with you. This Webinar will offer a valuable framework to understand some of the important physiological processes that happen when practicing the Somabreath method. The content will be presented in an easy understandable way and is aimed to inspire the participants to pay attention to their breath and harness its powerful potential. Gill Hedley an inspiring anatomist once marvelled “Health is built one breath at the time” when presenting the respiratory organs to his students. Josef is an international senior tutor For the Bodyintelligence Training and has been lecturing Anatomy and Physiology to Craniosacral trainees for several years. DATES: 3rd February TIME: 20:00 - 21:30 COST: FREE of Charge TEACHER : Josef Steiner There will be monthly FREE webinars, on the anatomy and physiology of the breath. We hope you are keeping well and safe in these strange times. We are really exited to announce a new service for our center. Josef has launched his SOMA BREATH program, a powerful breathwork method which can be used for stress management, self-regulation and transformational process. There will be regular group Zoom sessions on Mondays and one to one sessions are also available via Zoom
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