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– is as wonderful, noninvasive form of therapy that once learnt becomes a tool for you to use for the rest of your life, enabling you to release deep chronic tension, anxiety and stress.

TRE works on physical, mental and emotional aspects of the human being, restoring harmony and balance.

Join us for 2 hour TRE workshop with Josef Steiner, to experience this exciting process of re-balancing the body’s nervous system.

TRE was developed by Dr David Berceli, a Bio-Energetic and Trauma Therapist who discovered how to use the innate ability of the body to find and discharge physical patterns of tension or trauma in a safe and effective manner.

This simple set of exercises initiates a self-regulation response which releases these tension patterns. It is a biological response which ‘resets’ the nervous system. You can learn to do this on your own, safely and easily. The effects of TRE are cumulative and can have positive effect on conditions such as: anxiety, PTSD, Low Back Pain, Irritable Bowel and many other stress related symptoms.

Come experience TRE, a gentle, simple and powerful way to release tension, trauma and stress by activating a deep, inner tremor that all mammals can use to help them return to health and balance.

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