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Naduir Wellness Centre Galway

Naduir Centre for Holistic Health


is a custom-designed eco building which also serves as our family home. The centre is located in the distinctive countryside of the west of Ireland, with a neighbouring mature forest, a river passing by, and a vibrant garden, abundant year round with organic produce. Naduir’s connection to all the surrounding elements of nature makes it an ideal venue for personal development. Our clients appreciate the opportunity to leave behind the busy city and allow the rejuvenating stillness of the centre to enhance the benefits of their therapeutic practice. Ciara and I continue to explore and expand the range of activities and therapies that such a nurturing environment can support so that there is always an opportunity to come out here and spend some time at Naduir.


We offer an extensive and evolving range of classes, workshops, events and therapies, so it’s worth checking in with us to see what’s coming up.

We look forward to welcoming you!

    Below is a list of what is currently available at the centre

    Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshops
    Wim Hof Weekends
    Personalised Wellness Retreats
   Online Yoga classes
   Weekly Online Soma Breath Sessions
   Craniosacral therapy

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