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Soma Breath Work

Soma breath is a powerful meditation technique that uses guided breath sequences to reach deep meditative states. It has been designed using ancient yogic breathing methods which are adapted into a simple and effective program without the requirement for any prior training. All the exercises are based on sound scientific studies which validate the effectiveness of the program. 
Our breath has powerful transformational potential when it is brought under our conscious control. Soma breath uses breathing to musical beats as a tool to entrain the entire body physiology into rhythmical coherence. It combines rhythmical breath sections with breath retention phases which stimulate heightened states of consciousness opening the portal into depths of calmness and coherence which are often unavailable within our normal daily life routines.
The practice can be oriented to enhance physical abilities, improve health and immune function, improve cognitive ability, concentration, and improved psycho-emotional states.

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Soma Breath
Breath coach

Personal Coaching


For those of you who are interested in a more personalized approach I offer one on one programs which are tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients. Within those programs I offer my broad knowledge of breath work combined with other powerful transformational tools. The program can be tailored to support challenging life situations, promote personal development and transformational process and help to build resilience in stressful environments.
The program can be held in person , online, or a combination of both. It combines personal coaching sessions with a menu of recorded practice sessions which can be used and practiced at home.

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