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Josef Steiner Craniosacral Therapy online Booking

Teaching and Sharing

These events, discoveries, and encounters, have shaped my relationship to the world and my path towards self-sufficiency, health, and contentment.


It is sometimes a difficult, uncomfortable journey, but it is one worth travelling because full health and awareness is a fundamental resource for our wellbeing, and for this reason I became interested in supporting other people on their own individual journeys towards better health and wellness.


I am very passionate about teaching and sharing what I know, and continue to be a regular participant of Body Intelligence Training, as a tutor and a facilitator. This worldwide organisation of Craniosacral therapy practitioners teaches foundation and postgraduate programs and is an excellent resource.


Day to day, I run a thriving clinic with my partner Ciara in Naduir. This custom-built eco centre for holistic health is located in Furbo, in the west of Ireland, but I enjoy travelling and often meet with clients in Dublin and further afield .  




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