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Josef Steiner Tango Classes Galway




Argentine tango is a social dance that originated in Buenos Aires during the late 19th century. Since then, with the help of visionary enthusiasts, it has developed it into an engaging, improvised, dance language with broad and complex movement combinations.


The magic of the dance stems from the connection and intimate relationship of the embrace, which is maintained between partners at all times. Effectively, leaders and followers are engrossed in a kind of deep listening, reading the subtle gestures and nuances of their partner’s body as it signals invitations for the next movement.


Naturally, this interplay of awareness and response refines and enhances our ability to stay present, and to respond to even the most understated body language.


The beauty and joy of experiencing the music, together, in deeply connected unison, and the dynamic and spontaneity of the moment make it an enchanting and expressive art form.


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