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Josef Steiner  Craniosacral



A Craniosacral therapy session usually lasts an hour, although this can vary. The first session begins with a consultation in order to establish your case history, including operations, accidents, and any known traumatic events.


In addition I will ask you about your resources, the things in life that keep you confident and well, and your outlook positive.


When the consultation is complete you lie down, fully clothed, usually on your back or on your side, and I begin to orient you towards a felt sense of your body.  


This might involve bringing your awareness to particular qualities and sensations such as the outline of your body, its density, areas of contact with the table beneath you and so on.


Part of this process includes guiding you to a point or a place in your body that feels at ease in the midst of whatever is present for you at that moment. This helps a connection to occur between your conscious mind and your inner health and wellbeing, which is always at work, no matter how dire the circumstances.




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