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Josef Steiner  Craniosacral session Galway





The processes of the treatment are very much oriented towards promoting mindfulness so that the client may gain significant insights into the deeper nature of their discomfort.


In addition this state of relaxed, deep, guided, awareness also helps the client to recognise and access their own inner resources.


Realising your own healing potential is possibly one of the most profound and enabling discoveries you can experience and that, ultimately, is the aim and often the outcome of the treatment.


Many people report an alleviation of their symptoms after only a few sessions.   As a general rule, three to ten sessions will have a noticeable impact upon most people's health, and, in some cases, just a single session can make a dramatic difference.


Clients typically receive regular sessions for a short period of time, followed by an occasional tune-up in order to maintain health and vitality. 






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